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We will mail you a the Bearfoot Travel Guide, plus the guide to Denali (the Denali Summer Times) via Priority US Mail for only $9.95.

About Our Guides: You can get many Alaskan cities to send you their "vacation planners" for free. They use tax money to cover their printing and mailing costs. If that's all you want, you should contact them directly.

Bearfoot Travel Guides cover the entire Alaska road system of Alaska. Bearfoot's purpose is to show you what's interesting about Alaska's communities, so you can decide which ones you want to include on your trip. Every guide also has ads for businesses that you can contact to make reservations. Many travelers find that Bearfoot saves them a lot of time and money. You can, in advance, get a true sense of what you want to see, to help you plan your journey in Alaska.

For $9.95 we will mail you the Bearfoot Guide plus the Guide to Denali National Park. The priority mailing costs us $6.65 in postage – so we only cover the cost of going to the post office!

Contact us today to make sure you're able to plan a great trip to Alaska.

You'll get the Bearfoot Alaska and Denali Summer Times

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